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Recipe Sambal Jengkol

For the Indonesian people must have been very familiar with jengkol. Yes fruit this one is very famous for its distinctive aroma that sometimes makes people stay away. But behind the aroma, it turns out this jengkol have a taste that can not be in the underestimate especially if it has been processed into one of recipes such as chili sauce recipe jengkol. Delicious taste makes people become indifferent with the aroma generated, because the flavor is created from jengkol chili recipe is more alluring than the aroma.

Jengkol chili recipe is evident that a lot of love from teenagers to the elderly. Jengkol chili recipe is also fitting when eaten with other recipes, such as a variety of chicken recipes, fish recipes, recipes to seafood. Is guaranteed to be a variety of recipes you will be more enjoyable. Well curious about the taste? The following jengkol sauce recipe that you can make yourself at home

1/2 kg jengkol
Lime leaves to taste, sliced
Brown sugar sukupnya
Cooking oil for sauteing
Salt sekupnya
4 cloves garlic
6 red onions
5 red chilies
1 cm galangal, crushed
2 bay leaves
How To Make:
1. Cut jengkol into several pieces, fry until it changes color and drain.
2. Fry the onion, garlic and chilli, then pulverized until smooth.
3. Heat oil for sauteing, enter pulverized spice, add the lime leaves, galangal, bay leaves, and brown sugar, until fragrant.
4. Enter jengkol already fried, add salt and flavor to taste and stir until cooked.
5. lift and sambal jengkol ready to be served.

Waaah worth the try ya jengkol delicious sauce recipe above, seems to be very delicious when eaten with hot rice along with other offerings. As well as a variety of dessert recipes serve pastries and wet cake recipe that will sweeten your day. Good luck.  


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